Beeswax Body Cream

Honey and bees wax body cream is a product made from honey and natural bees wax.

PH range as per kebs is 8.27 whereby requirements ranges from 4.5-8.5. Thermal Stability as per KEBs passed the test requirement shall pass the test. Total fully substance percentage by mass is 68.87 % required percentage is 5 minimum. Bees wax characteristics, medicinal benefits. Cuts and sores: Used in stoppage of bleeding, treatment of sensitive and painful lips.

Kitui Honey

Kitui Kamaki honey is harvested from semi-arid wood plants, these are; Acacia, Tuti and Usekele

They give us honey with different physical properties that range from light amber, amber, dark amber, dark to light yellow or white depending on the source of nector.
Honey is hygroscopic i.e it has ability to absorb moisture from the air and it’s viscous which is the ability of substance to resist flow.
Honey consist mainly of sugars with the simple sugars (fructose and glucose) sucrose, maltose and lactose occur in small quantities. Other components include water, vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.

Honey crystallization/Granulation

It is normal for honey to crystallize or granulate naturally upon storage. Factors leading to crystallization or granulation include; temperatures, presence of foreign matters and equilibrium between glucose and fructose sugars present in honey. For good quality honey crystallization usually starts at the bottom of the container going upwards.

Propolis Suspension

Propolis is a resinous dark sticky plant derived ‘glue’ collected by bees which they use for sealing lining, strengthening, preserving and as a repellant material inside the hive and around the entrances.

It can be used as a safe nontoxic food supplement. It can also be used to make grafting wax used by gardeners and crop growers to seal the union of plant tissue. Main uses of propolis are on natural and food supplements and herbal medicine.
Kitui Kamaki propolis suspension is a non-toxic antibiotic effective against all microbes (bacteria, viruses’ and fungi). It aids in healing wounds, ulcers, gum diseases and preventing abscess formation.

Bees wax

These is obtained from wax capping or empty combs.

It is a very valuable product with bee keepers earning up to 5% of their income from wax production. At present, the cosmetic industry is the biggest user of this bee hive product followed by the bee keeping industry for manufacturing of comb foundation sheets.
Kitui Kamaki bees wax is free from organic such as bees, brood, debris, sand, or any other undesirable materials. The colour of Kitui Kamaki bees wax varies from whitish yellow to yellowish brown this will depend on the type of combs one used when making the bees wax