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Leading farmers into the Future


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Economically, socially and spiritually empowered community able to meet their living standards


To build farmers strong group relationships and equip them with skills as a way of addressing rural poverty, general health issues and access of better world markets



Our core values are a set of shared ideals that will create our desired culture based on the norm that we are a Christian based community. The values are:

Transparency and Accountability

We shall be committed to our mission while being transparent and accountable in or our actions and deals

Non Discrimination

We shall not discriminate against any gender, religion as long as they subscribe to our constitution and ideals

Team Work

We shall, with respect and effectiveness, work together harmoniously and without prejudice for the good of our members

Creativity and innovation

We shall endeavor to be creative and innovative to enhance the resources available to us for the sole purpose of achieving our vision

Some of Our Services

A Word from our Chairperson

I am Eutichus Kyungu the Chairperson of Kamaki Farmers’ Cooperative society which currently deals with honey value chain (2018-2022). The interest of honey value chain emanated from my father Kyungu mwanaa mue who was a very successful beekeeper back in 20th centuries. He had close to 300 traditional log hives and used to harvest an average of 3 tonnes.

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